Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Les aventures psychédéliques de Frenchy et Dali - Your Humble Entertainers

For this past 7 or 8 years off and on I've been posting Mix Cds online. The internet is littered with hastily thrown together wannabe hipster rubbish that I now largely disown. I've recently been bitten by the bug again and long term illness dictates that I have time to kill.

One of my oldest buddies on the circuit is Cliff, now domiciled in France but still an incurable music nut. As well as being mates we seem able to very quickly compile a cracking mix in next to no time at all. He's been on a psychedelia kick for a while now so to rekindle the flame I asked him to put something together along those lines. He obliged in fine style with some cracking grooves which I largely complimented with the quirky baroque pop stylings that I seem drawn to.

We are both proud of this compilation but next time I'm dragging him kicking and screaming out of his multicoloured universe for something different.

1 The High Strung - Standing at the Door of Self Discovery
2 Gomez - Airstream Driver
3 Setting Son - Soulmate
4 Peter Pan & The Good Fairies - Kaleidoscope
5 Secret Powers - Maryanne
6 The Method - Your Humble Entertainers
7 Dumbo Gets Mad - Plumy Tale
8 The Dalai Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa - You Make Me Crazy
9 The Bewitched Hands - Happy With You
10 Last Drive - Valley of Death
11 B.C Camplight - Lord, I've Been on Fire
12 Sand Pebbles - Future Proofed
13 Cheval Sombre - Little Bit of Heaven
14 Cotton Club - Technicolor Dream
15 The Young Sinclairs - Forever After
16 Thee Piatcions - Time
17 Manitoba - Kid You'll Move Mountains
18 Miles Kane - Better Left Invisible
19 The Smiles and Frowns - Mechanical Song

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